Power and International Project Finance

You must know how worrying it is to be certain that you have all the right project contracts, favorable laws and creditworthy participants, as well as sponsors who will provide critical early stage seed money.

All of these are essential to sound long-term, non-recourse financing at the lowest possible cost.

We solve this.

We help fix contractual structures to optimize your project’s ability to obtain the best financing possible on terms that are right for you.

However we are not attorneys, upon whom you must rely to ensure that each contract conforms to the specific laws and regulations of the country, state or province in which your project is located.

If you implement our suggestions we guarantee a minimum 20% reduction in long-term costs for non-recourse funding of power and other infrastructure projects.




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Contact us at john.burget@gmail.com or call 956-501-3713 to schedule a strictly confidential free initial review of your project’s key contracts and agreements, because these are essential to successful long-term, non-recourse
project funding on the most favorable terms.


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