Al Schaer Recommendation:
Schaer Consulting LLC

Post Office Box #10141

Naples, FL 34101

October 7, 2016

Mr. John E. Burget

Project Capital Strategies

Re: Recommendation


It certainly was nice hearing from you!

I would like to again complement you on the excellent job you did analyzing the complex bond issues on the Southwest Florida Airport claims. The total claims were well in excess of $25M, and your efforts demonstrated the claims relative to the bond issues were grossly overstated.

I will certainly give you a call on future matters.

Very truly yours,

Alfred E. Schaer, PE


William Bew Recommendation:

“John is highly knowledgeable about project finance and business planning, very detail oriented, and knows
how to produce quality business plans at reasonable cost.

“John provides expert service in a timely, cost effective manner.  He exceeded my expectations in every way.

“I heartily recommend him, and would trust him with any business consulting, no matter the size or scope.”

Paul Allen Recommendation:

John has an excellent grasp of project financing for energy and power projects of all kinds, including large nuclear and other electric power projects costing billions of dollars. He has outstanding experience as a former VP in investment banking for investor owned, public power and electric cooperative utilities at major Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

“For more than fifteen years he also served as financial advisor to developers of all sizes and types of independent power projects; as international consultant to USAID and the UN Industrial Development Organization; and as expert witness in litigation involving large power projects.

“He is an excellent communicator and capable of creating innovative, highly customized project structures to meet new needs of developers in a rapidly changing global financial environment.

“I count on John’s wisdom, experience and unique ability to identify key issues for quick resolution, He is indeed one of my trusted advisers.”

(Paul Allen, OIM, PMP, worked directly with John at Burget Capital Corp)

John O’Neill Recommendation:

September 22, 2016

John O’Neill


Winston & Strawn

1111 Louisiana Street, 25th Floor

Houston, TX 77002

Dear Sirs:

I am a partner at Winston & Strawn and I have been trying cases for many years.

John Burget served as an expert financial witness for me in an independent power project case against a company named Falcon Seaboard. That company’s initial business investment was a cogeneration power project on the Houston ship channel costing approximately $140MM, financed nearly 100% with debt from foreign banks. A small group of potential investors claimed to have warrants to purchase thirty percent of the company’s equity at a very low price.

However they delayed making their claims until after the project had operated successfully for several months, and the company’s equity had risen from near zero to a substantial value. They had poor legal documentation and conflicts of interest which Mr. Burget’s depositions clearly established, leading to a negligible out-of-court settlement.

Mr. Burget was also instrumental in combating faulty contractual claims against one of the company’s subsequent, much larger independent power projects.

In summary, Mr. Burget was a wonderful addition to our team and I highly recommend him.